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Perfect your smile with braces and aligners.

While not everyone is extremely affected by the fact that their teeth are not perfectly straight, others find that crooked or crowded teeth are a major concern — both clinically and aesthetically.

—Benefits of Orthodontics—

Aligns the teeth and improves the bite
Allows for easier brushing and flossing
Prevents night-time teeth grinding
Reduces strain on jaws and neck
Enhances speech and chewing function

Simple & Complex Bite Rehabilitations

Orthodontic treatments benefit children, teens, and adults. Apart from good aesthetic outcomes, orthodontics improves the function of the teeth, creates a better bite, and reduces the risk of dental problems in the future. Dr. Lina, our specialist orthodontist, offer treatments that fix anything from minor issues to complex bite rehabilitations.

Our Orthodontist

Dr. Lina Stavroula Papika

Specialist Orthodontist
Invisalign Elite Provider
Teeth Braces

During your consultation, Dr. Lina will conduct a thorough examination of your teeth and mouth. She will check your dental records, take required X-rays, photos, and digital models of your teeth. She will listen to your concerns and understand your preferences. From there, she can create a custom treatment plan for you.

It is recommended that a child gets an orthodontic check-up no later than the age 7. At this point, the orthodontist can check if your child’s teeth and bite are fine or if he or she would benefit from interceptive treatment. Early intervention may prevent more serious problems from developing and typically calls for a shorter and more simple treatment.

Orthodontics has come a long way. We now have different options available to fit your lifestyle. We have metal and ceramic Damon braces which are more effective and more aesthetic than traditional braces. We have Incognito or hidden braces that are bonded at the back of the teeth. We also do Invisalign treatments which makes use of clear and removable aligners. Dr. Lina will let you know which option could give you the best possible outcome.

Orthodontic treatment is a complex biological process that moves your teeth, jaw bones, and soft tissue into their ideal position. It can range from six months to three years. The overall length of your treatment depends on the severity of your malocclusion, compliance, and commitment.

Be sure to follow your orthodontist’s instructions. Attend your scheduled appointments, wear your elastics as prescribed, and avoid damages to your appliances (brackets, wires, or aligners) which can delay your progress. Maintain your oral hygiene and visit your dentist and hygienist regularly to avoid other problems that may interrupt your treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Discover the clear solution to straight teeth.

Clear aligners like Invisalign are a discreet and convenient way to straighten the teeth. Without wires or brackets, clear aligners are digitally designed to guide your teeth into their ideal position and achieve a healthier, more confident smile.