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MY Dental Clinic
MY Dental Clinic

Exceptional Dentistry that you can rely on

My Dental Clinic started as a dream between families and friends. The practice was founded by Dr. Eva Gorton, her son Carl Gorton, and Dr. Stefan Pihlveus in 2013, and has established itself as a trusted dental team in our community.

We like to do things differently focusing on what matters most – preventive care and helping our patients achieve optimal and long-lasting oral health.

It’s all about the Patient Experience

We have formed our team and designed our facility to be all about the patient experience. As a patient, we want you to feel as close to being at home as possible.

Every room and area of our clinic has a separate music system, and our patients can choose their favourite music (whether it is radio from back home or songs from their favourite band) and all rooms are equipped with a play of light system. We also have a play area for children and iPads that they can borrow – all to ensure they enjoy their visit to the dentist.

MY Dental Clinic